"Visual Quotations"

Photographs by Richard Freeman

The Island of Lamu

When I was planning my trip to Kenya's coast, I learned about this Island situated a day's trip north of Mombasa. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the island. Donkeys are the prime means of tranpsort, along with boats, mostly small locally built sailing boats called a dau. I spent nearly a week there, exploring and enjoying the local cuisine, people, and scenery. I found a rag tag crew of young guys who took me, and my current crop of traveling companions, on a beautiful voyage around the area (see the photos for a look at two crew members). I also took a taxi boat to the south end of the island, where I wandered along one of the most beautiful, uninhabited sand beaches I have ever seen! The Indian Ocean's waters were refreshingly warm and inviting. Being alone, I was rather nervous to go very far into the surf. For some reason, I have no images. I will check my archives. I just checked, nothing there! Next I will have to look at the film proof sheets, see if there are some images I did not scan. well, none there either. Oops.

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