"Visual Quotations"

Photographs by Richard Freeman

Buenos Aires February 2014

Since my first trip to Argentina in 1986 I had been back every 2-3 years, including living in Buenos Aires for almost 2-years doing research in 1996-97. This went on until 2005. After my 2005 visit I did not get back to my beloved city until February 2014. Besides having the best time visiting friends, eating well, drinking wine, it was the first time I had a quality digital camera (my Lumix GF1, ironically, the month after I returned I purchased a Fujifilm X-E2). Around 99% of my photos in Buenos Aires were shot on B&W film. To help me "see" the city a little differently, and to give me a new challenge, I decided to shoot in color (although there are a few shots that I knew when I took them would be B&W.) One of the trickier things I found about shooting digital: although I am shooting "color" I am also shooting B&W, and it is just recently that I can make the switch mentally when I know I am still shooting "color". With film it was whatever was in the camera!

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bsas2014 178
bsas2014 246
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bsas2014 470
bsas2014 269
bsas2014 360
bsas2014 285
bsas2014 372
bsas2014 739
bsas2014 725
bsas2014 403
bsas2014 507
bsas2014 399
bsas2014 195
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bsas2014 618
bsas2014 669
bsas2014 796
el afronte 2
el afronte 5
el afronte 30
orquestra tipica 6
orquestra tipica 16
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