"Visual Quotations"

Photographs by Richard Freeman

Machu Pichu & the Inca Trail - June-July 1986

By now, most people have heard about this incredible archaeological site built by the Incas in the 15th century. One can take the train directly to the site from Cuzco, but the hardy few choose to alight from the train before that stop and hike 3-4 days on “The Inca Trail.” For me the marvels of the area are most appreciated by this approach. One gets a sense of how the Incas traveled there. For parts of the trail you are actually walking the stone path “highways” the Incas built in the Mountains. These paths went from southern Colombia to northern Chile! Many of the sites you stumble upon along the way are quite impressive, even more so because you may not have been expecting them. Advice: dress warm, pack carefully, and bring a kilo of coca leaves to chew, or the altitude (12-13,000 feet) can be quite debilitating. But the views!

Peru 21-0
Peru 21-8
Peru 21-15
Peru 21-16
Peru 21-18
Peru 21-29
Peru 21-34
Peru 21-35
Peru 21-36
Peru 22-0
Peru 22-1
Peru 22-5
Peru 22-6
Peru 22-8
Peru 22-9
Peru 22-10
Peru 22-11
Peru 22-12
Peru 22-13
Peru 22-25
Peru 22-23
Peru 22-27
Peru 22-28
Peru 22-30
Peru 22-33
Peru 22-34
Peru 22-36
Peru 23-1
Peru 23-4
Peru 23-5
Peru 23-7
Peru 23-8
Peru 23-15
Peru 23-16
Peru 23-21
Peru 23-23
Peru 23-28
Peru 23-32
Peru 23-34

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