"Visual Quotations"
                  Photographs by Richard Freeman

The Grateful Dead

I consider myself a "reluctant" Deadhead. Sure, I love the band, but many of the shows I went to were to hang-out, travel, camp with friends, as much as to see the band. I have attended more than 50 over the years (from 1976-1994). Some were inspirational, some were trippy, some fell flat. But nothing stopped the crowds from having a great experience.

The first five images are from the Frost Ampitheater in Palo Alto, CA - August 20 & 21, 1983
The next five out-door images (four close-ups and one group shot), are from The Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA - May 15, 1983
The three shot taken indoors are from the Uptown Theater in Chicago, IL - February 1982
The solo shot of Bobby is from a Bobby and the Midnights show at the Keystone (in San Fran? Palo Alto?) August 9, 1983

GD 0a
GD 2a
GD 4a
GD 7a
GD 11a
GD Greek 24a
GD Greek 31a
GD Greek 34a
GD Greek 20a
GD Greek 6a
GD Uptown 1981 17
GD Uptown 1981 19
GD Uptown 1981 33
Bobby 15b

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