"Visual Quotations"
                  Photographs by Richard Freeman

Campbell Brothers - Millenium Stage, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, DC - April 20, 2010

The Campbell Brothers play a style of African-American gospel music called "sacred steel." It is an extraordinary experience to watch them perform. They have performed just about everywhere and have been guests on some of the greatest artists' recorings.

I first encountered the Campbell Brothers in Rochester, NY, where I lived for 11 years. It is also the home of the Campbell Brothers. They were often called onstage by performers in Rochester. When they were playing in Washington D.C. at the Kenneday Center's free performances, when I was living there for 18 months, I grabbed a couple of colleagues to accompany me. They weren't disappointed.

Campbell Brothers 4-20-2010 09
Campbell Brothers 4-20-2010 20
Campbell Brothers 4-20-2010 31
Campbell Brothers 4-20-2010 40
Campbell Brothers 4-20-2010 47
Campbell Brothers 4-20-2010 50

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