"Visual Quotations"

Photographs by Richard Freeman


All these were taken on the eastern coast, in or near Mombasa, in the summer of 2000. The first two images are of Fort Jesus. The fort is in Mombasa itself and overlooks the Indian Ocean, just south of the Arabian Sea, constructed by the Portuguese in the 16th century. The other images are of Gedi, an Arab-African town built in the 15th century (one source said the town was founded in the late 13th century and eventually abandoned in the early 17th century). It is located about 65 miles north of Mombasa.

Kenya 6-35
Kenya 6-12
Kenya 8-20a
Kenya 8-22a
Kenya 8-25a
Kenya 8-26a
Kenya 8-27a
Kenya 8-23a
Kenya 11-10a

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