"Visual Quotations"
                  Photographs by Richard Freeman

The Iguazu falls are nothing short of spectacular. They are not as tall as the other "great falls" but I believe they are larger by the sheer volume of water that passes through them. And their setting, in the heart of the jungle, bordering Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina, makes them all the more spectacular.

All taken with my 35mm Leica M-6 in 1987.

Iguazu 57-0
Iguazu 57-2
Iguazu 57-10
Iguazu 57-7
Iguazu 58-26
Iguazu 57-11
Iguazu 57-35
Iguazu 57-14
Iguazu 57-19
Iguazu 57-23
Iguazu 58-4
Iguazu 58-10
Iguazu 58-12
Iguazu 58-23
Iguazu 57-9
Iguazu 58-27
Iguazu 58-29

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