"Visual Quotations"

Photographs by Richard Freeman

Quotations from Shanghai

Shanghai had a much different feel to it than Beijing. It was a much more international city, although still totally Chinese. I had a whole new wardrobe made for me by a tailor in one of the cloth markets. You choose the fabric, a taylor measures you, you return a few days later to pick it up. I got a cashmere coat, black silk suit, jacket, pants and two shirts. All for $90! I shipped it home, and just hoped it would make it (it did). The modern growth of the city in contrast to the older neighborhoods was striking. We were only there for 2 brief weeks, but I think we got a "feel" for it.

Shanghai 34
Shanghai 62
Shanghai 66
Shanghai Bldgs 01
Shanghai Bldgs 03
Shanghai Bldgs 05
Shanghai Bldgs 09
Shanghai Bldgs 10
Old Town
Old Town
A model shoe factory (for visitors).
A model shoe factory (for visitors).
Rural Visit 07
Shanghai 01
Shanghai 02
Shanghai 04
Shanghai 05
Shanghai 07
Shanghai 13

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